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Tips to Sell Your Home Fast As For Sale By Owner

It’s never easy selling a home, especially on your home. There are many things that can go wrong because you don’t sell homes for a living. But don’t worry; we came up with a few strategies that will be very helpful to you sell your homes faster.



Price it Right

How do you come up with the right price for your home? First off, try doing some research on how much nearby homes have sold for in your community to give yourself an idea of what the market is looking like. Using websites such as Zillow will give you the best estimation on what your home is worth. There are many factors that can change the value of the home drastically because one property may have better views, new home improvements or even solar panel installations that allows the price to increase.

Pricing can be very tricky depending on how motivated of a seller you are. Some people list their home high to test out the market and to see what type of action they can get by overpricing their home. That can be very time consuming and most people who are selling are ready to sell their home as soon as possible.

It’s important to begin pricing your home at market value and then calculate all new assets that have been input to the home to bring up the value of the home. This can be also difficult sometimes because when homeowners want to price their home they add their feelings on what they believe the home is valued at. These feelings come from birthday parties, holiday celebrations or the time spent on the property. Don’t let your feelings be involved in what your home is actually worth.

List Your Home On Major Websites

As technology improves daily there are many ways to promote your property. Most people who are shopping for homes in today’s market usually start from the computer. Searching for homes online allows consumers to view hundreds of homes in the matter of minutes. This is why posting your home on Zillow, Craigslist or will give you the opportunity to be front of thousands. One recommendation is to find a company like that puts your home on the MLS for $199. It’s important to keep in mind the people whose home are on the MLS get in the eyes of realtors who are actively searching homes for qualified clients for your home.


There’s a saying that goes “a photo is worth a thousand words”. The pictures you post of your home should abide by this quote because if it doesn’t then your picture is not worthy of peoples time. Professional photography is one key factor in selling your home because people will judge your photo before they judge your home. When dealing with an expensive asset people want to at least feel that you’re able to provide a professional experience even if it starts with a picture.

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