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This Is How You Get a Perfect 850 Credit Score

In the world of credit, establishing a credit score of 850 is like being granted a lifetime achievement award. Both FICO and Vanguard—widely used credit-scoring models—consider 850 to be the highest possible credit score. The score is perfect. Exceptional. Untarnished. But… is it possible? The short answer, according to experts: Well, yes. But an 850 […]

Here’s Why Your Credit Score Is Dropping for “No Reason”

You consider yourself responsible with credit: You pay your bills on time and you don’t rack up any major credit card debt. And since you’re looking to apply for a mortgage sometime in the near future, you’ve been actively monitoring your credit. But since you’ve checked last month, your score has gone down. What gives? […]

The Worst Savings Advice Experts Have Ever Heard

Even if you’ve just started to save for a big purchase like a home or for retirement, you’ve probably already run into plenty of bad advice. Everyone, especially your family, seems to have an opinion on where your hard-earned money should go. But not everyone knows what they’re talking about. (Sorry, Nana!) Luckily, five money […]

This Is What Happens to Your Credit Score When You Only Use Your Debit Card

Maybe you’re afraid of racking up too much debt. Or, perhaps you fall into an “anti-credit card” category who loathes the potential of paying interest. It could just be that your debit card is at the front of your wallet and, by default, gets swiped far more than your credit card. Whatever the reason, if […]

7 Money-Making Apps to Download Right Now

Coming up with a down payment for your first home is no easy task. In fact, according to a recent study from HotPads, renters spend about six and a half years saving up before they have enough. (I personally predict I’ll be eligible for AARP before I could build up a nest egg hefty enough […]

The Hot New Trend for Married Couples? Roommates

It’s not unusual to live with a roommate to cut down costs. Hey, life is expensive! But 2018 demonstrated that an unlikely population is taking on roommates in order to make ends meet: married people. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

6 Free Apps That Will Help You Save Money

Amassing enough cash for a down payment on a house could be considered one of our generation’s greatest day-to-day struggles. There are some clever ways to come up with a sizable chunk of change in a relatively short period of time (crowdfunding, dipping into your Roth IRA, for example)—but nothing is as expert-approved as just […]