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Should I Sell My Home During The Holidays?
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Sell Your House During Holidays – Should You Go with It?

Are you thinking about selling your house but not sure when is the best time to do it? Many homeowners find themselves in this predicament.
Whether you should sell your house with a flat fee MLS listing during the holidays or not depends on your own situation and objectives. There are advantages and disadvantages to doing so. In order to help you make an educated decision, let’s take a look at the benefits of advertising your house over the holiday season.

Reduced Competition

During the Christmas season, there is less competition to buy a home, which is a huge plus. The housing market is inundated with fresh listings due to the fact that many sellers choose to hold off until the warmer months to list their houses. When you sell your house in the winter, though, there are fewer buyers, so it will stand out more. The holidays tend to bring in more serious buyers, who are more likely to make a purchase, which can speed up the process.

Tax Breaks

Although lowering one’s property tax liability isn’t likely to be the driving force behind a holiday home purchase, it could be a deciding factor for serious buyers. The reason behind this is that if a sale is finalised before December, the buyer is eligible to deduct the mortgage interest, property taxes, and loan interest.

Extra Time to Use

During the holidays, buyers often have extra time on their hands, so they can browse properties in flat fee MLS listing during the week instead of just on weekends. People are more likely to spend money when they are less worried and have more time on their hands.

Buyers Time

Buyers may have more time to search for houses during the holidays because their work schedules are more relaxed compared to their typical schedules. The best chance of finding a suitable buyer is to list your house when they are most likely to be available to buy.


You still have time to negotiate a new year’s closing date or extend occupancy if you receive an offer from a flat fee MLS listing. You are under no obligation to rush to close the deal if you list and sell your house around the holidays; in fact, you may be able to negotiate more time.

Add-ons of Festive Seasons

During the winter holidays, it is common practice for many individuals to decorate their homes with lights and ornaments. Local communities can also benefit from the enchanting effects of holiday lights, wreaths, and other decorations.
Potential homebuyers in the area might perceive it as lively and fun during such a time. As a result, they could be more open to exploring potential neighborhoods where they could settle down.

Tips to Sell Your Home in Holidays

1. Connect with an agent. If you want your house sold quickly, ask around for recommendations for a listing agent who will do whatever it takes to sell your property. Your worries will subside, and you’ll have more time to relish in the holiday spirit.
2. Target your buyers. Get down with your representative and set a timeframe to attract purchasers.
3. Set a good price. Houses at flat fee MLS listing priced below market value always bring smiles to buyers’ faces, regardless of the season.
4. Enhance curb appeal. Take care of the outside. Get the house in shape by touching up the paint, cleaning the gutters, and trimming the bare trees; otherwise, it will look more exposed.
5. Take professional pictures of the property. Offer a plethora of attractive, high-quality images of your house to make a strong first impression. Get the feel of the space virtually by filming a tour and sharing it online.

If you are planning to sell your home in the holidays, consider the above-mentioned tips, and reach out to a professional team for a flat fee MLS listing service.

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